by david ratcliffe


The homeboy patrolled the platform
hauling a case full of troubles;
a youth, unprepared, undercooked, fidgety,
4 minutes from departure.

He could see his half-life below,
wished to wallow in its familiar frown,
allow his timidity licence to return
to the arms of invisibility.

The village continued its sophistry;
July sunrise presented limestone ripples,
clouds created kaleidoscopic greens,
the old mill beseeched him, remain
within its simplicity,
content to drink life from cupped hands.

A cursory glance to the exit;
would he prove them right?
'would he eckerslike',
yet fearing the train's arrival
he hoped it would run out of steam,
hiss to a stop, forever
lost in the tunnel a mile
from his inward mitherings.

Through branches of dappled summer, 
he looked down at the bus stop
from where his ride to that point had
terminated at the limits of imagination, 
while he waited for adventure
far beyond ambition...


Infinite Ignition © 2015 All Rights Reserved


Keep a look out for this documentery film!

The Iron Man is the story of Irish artist and poet Michael Thatcher’s incredible battle with terminal cancer, following the last two years of his life.

Coming from a family devastated by cancer and frustrated with the pharmaceutical “cancer industry” and their cynical attempts to keep people alive just long enough to bleed them dry, Michael began researching alternative cannabinoid treatments being used to fight and cure cancer to great effect around the world today.

Then, inspired by the work of renowned Israeli organic chemist Professor Raphael Mechoulam, Michael set about growing his own crop of cannabis in his garden shed which he then distilled into a cannabis oil and began to treat himself…with startling effects. This incredible, awe-inspiring journey took Michael Thatcher thousands of miles across the globe with an unbeatable positivity that will touch everyone who spends an hour in his company.