by david ratcliffe


The homeboy patrolled the platform
hauling a case full of troubles;
a youth, unprepared, undercooked, fidgety,
4 minutes from departure.

He could see his half-life below,
wished to wallow in its familiar frown,
allow his timidity licence to return
to the arms of invisibility.

The village continued its sophistry;
July sunrise presented limestone ripples,
clouds created kaleidoscopic greens,
the old mill beseeched him, remain
within its simplicity,
content to drink life from cupped hands.

A cursory glance to the exit;
would he prove them right?
'would he eckerslike',
yet fearing the train's arrival
he hoped it would run out of steam,
hiss to a stop, forever
lost in the tunnel a mile
from his inward mitherings.

Through branches of dappled summer, 
he looked down at the bus stop
from where his ride to that point had
terminated at the limits of imagination, 
while he waited for adventure
far beyond ambition...


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The Poetry of David Ratcliffe

I began writing in verse around 12 years ago when my Daughter
Stevie Rose Blake was singing regularly. I wrote around 70 songs
during a three year period and somewhere in the process I found
poetry. I have always read poetry of course but never found I was
in the right frame of mind to go there.


Poetry really began in my head in the sixties; after I bought ‘Catch
the Wind’ by Donovan. Immediately I was taken by the beauty of
his words and went on to become a big fan. Lyrics and poetry are
in the same gene pool and I love clever lyrics.


I have read many poets down the years. In the early days I read
William Blake, a brilliant poet and inspiring man. I love the
language he used and the principles on which he stood by.
I moved on to read Oscar Wilde, Dylan Thomas, W D Snodgrass,
Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Billy Collins and many more. I am
always reading poetry and love basking in the thoughts and shapes
of things my mind conjures.


The writer’s journey (whether meeting a need, or finding a way to
express an emotion), travels to places that (when joined by the
reader) brings about a connection.
An emotional relationship shared by both.


Whether reigniting past thoughts, or creating new ones, or indeed
learning from the past, making better decisions going forward.
There may be an emotion brought out in a mood, for example;
smells, textures and sounds, blending with added imagery can bring
the reader to their own romantic rendezvous, or place or dread.


Writing (in my humble opinion) has to be real, it has to carry the
message with integrity and therefore even in rhyme the lines
cannot become forced upon the writer. I have written in free verse
mainly over the past few years because I find there is a liberating
freedom, an allowance not afforded in the strict forms of rhyme,
though I have included one or two of my old favourites.


My poetry is me; it is about my life, my loves and ambitions, my
fears and self­-examination. Having said that; I will write about
almost anything should I feel it holds significance to me.
If I do not feel it, I cannot get to the essence of the subject and if I
do not suffer a little in the process I will not write about it.


So please read some of my poems here and adopt some of the
themes and journeys to allow ‘you the reader’ to follow whatever
path you desire, and take from them what you wish.
I will answer any questions as to the thoughts and processes of
any given poem, so that after you have read them, we can see if
the journey was shared, or at least been in the neighbourhood.


For example; I face judgement for something and my defence
council is week, the emotion of feeling lost in such a situation will
be there somewhere in one of my poems. The ‘emotion’ that is,
placed within an analogy or metaphor.


Poetry is fun, it is powerful, ‘for some’ a diary update, a map of the
past, a description of what today feels like, or something that keeps
them awake at night. I will go to dark places and wrestle the
demons for a while, or look for beauty in the blackness of a puddle
of mud. It all depends on the muse that day.
I really hope you find the site interesting.
Take care and please feel free to email me with any suggestions or



All writing material owned by David Ratcliffe© 2015 All Rights Reserved